The Road Less Traveled: Update.

The Road Less Traveled: Update or The Preppy and Sex Part 1.5 

Welcome to this edition of The Preppy Chronicles. For those who are new, let me introduce myself: My friends call me Bumby. It is my hope that as you read all my articles, comment and share them with your friends, we will become friends.

This is an update as well as a transitional post. I did not intend to start this new series entitled The Wonderful World of Preppy Sex, with such a revelation. I am extremely glad that I did for the response has been incredible. A few brave souls have publicly commented, but most of the responses have been private, and they will stay that way. I thank you for your trust.

As I move forward with the healing process, as well as, the in-depth look at the sex lives of my tribe, our thoughts, beliefs, rituals, do not be surprised if deeper issues come to the surface. I am still very raw emotionally. The subject of sex is something that WASPs do not talk about. We treat the subject just like money. It’s permissible to discuss other people’s money, not our own.

I’ll do the best that I can; my aim is not to shame but to let you know that though we dare not let you see it. WASPs and Preppies, are, in fact, human. We have emotions and passions, and in matters of the heart, we are not all that different. The question that we all must ask is, is our code merely strange and outdated, or does it still hold relevance in today’s society? These are some of the areas which I hope to explore.


Please stay with my thorough out this journey. I covet your company.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with your thoughts.


Always, Bumby


Also, feel free to stop by my sister site The Preppy Chronicles II and my brand new site The Preppy Journal



2 responses to “The Road Less Traveled: Update.

  1. O.Cavanaugh Jr.

    May 6, 2011 at 7:39 AM

    I look forward to the journey and once again applaud your honesty and integrity. You are a good man to which I’ve grown quite fond. Though I’m not the most religious I believe in the spirit of man and a little prayer never hurts but somehow I don’t feel you need it. You’re going to be fine. The first step to healing is always acknowledgement and acceptance and you are well on this road. My thoughts are with you nonetheless.
    Post Script- I found your statement “A few brave souls have publicly commented” quite amusing. It is not at all bravery, it is friendship and it is caring for another human being. Unfortunately, that is a virtue that seems to be lost in this troubled society.
    Keep your head always to the sky.


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