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WELCOME, PREPPIES AND NON-PREPPIES ALIKE.   Let me introduce myself. My friends call me Bumby. 

Bumby I would like to begin this edition of The Preppy Chronicles, by sharing with you my hopes and dreams and thoughts about the overall intent of this blog

My concept for this blog is that it will be a CELEBRATION of living life as a Preppy-WASP Male in a society that is ever increasingly blurring the lines…

It’s about who we are as a society and as a tribe. Why we do the things that we do. And how we view and respond to everyday events, as well as what effect these events have on us. What our role is and how we shape the world around us. And to this end, I will ask you to join with me and CELEBRATE.

What this blog is not about: It is not about how to teach you to dress in the WASP, Preppy Trad. or Ivy-league styles. A plethora of those types of sites to choose from. Ivy-Style is one such site.

Let me say from the outset, that many are the ones that misunderstand us. We are often portrayed in the media as very humourless, well-dressed, well-behaved, statuesque parodies. BumbyScott I am here to say we are not without our humour.

How many WASPs does it take to change a light bulb?  NINE.  

One to change it, seven to sit around and reminisce about how good of a bulb it had been,

and two to check and see if it came over on the Mayflower, so that proper notification of all clubs and organizations  of its demise can be made, after a suitable period of mourning.

It has been said, by someone, somewhere, some place in time: That we tend to wear only the clothes that we wear because we have always worn them. We tend to summer in the same places year after year, generation after generation. We know the same people that we have always known. And our breeding habits could give rednecks a respectable run for their money. And yes indeed while these statements about us are true. It is also true that we are a tribe that rarely moves from our comfort zones, and when we do, we tend to move in packs or herds or gaggle… Feel free to use whichever term you think most appropriate. It is, as much our clothing as anything else that allows us to spot and identify a fellow tribesman.

Please indulge me for a moment as I describe to you, my dear reader, what I believe are some basic truths about us. There are some things that are just hereditary to the WASP…Effortlessness, Narcissism and a true sense of Entitlement. Certain things can only be taught, learned, and culled from your parents, family and the tribe. A couple of the prominent ones are… Ennui and Gracefulness…. As we view it, being and expressing our preppy-ness, is a natural extension of, or if you will the sole prerogative of being a WASP. It is a lifestyle not merely a clothing style as some would have you believe. Not that, they are in the wrong, but being a Preppy is sooo… much more. The Preppy, Ivy-league, WASP, and Traditional styles of clothing are once again becoming ever so popular with the masses. So, we in the tribe must identify ourselves one to another in different ways. As our identifiers, become embraced by the masses we tend to revert to the older forms. An example, Lacoste, as more and more non-preppies wear this brand we revert to monogrammed polo shirts in place of the gator. However, there is one sure-fire identifier, our attitudes, habits and shared core values these can only be achieved by one method, and that method is Breeding.

The most difficult aspect for non-preppies to understand is our sense of entitlement. They tend in a general way, to misconstrue it as mere snobbery, when, in fact, there is a solid foundation for it [ just ask us] Yes, it does hearken back to the Mayflower, and the founding fathers and mothers and yes even to their (our) families. According to my observations, and it seems that history in both written, as well as, oral forms, backs me up on this. That as much as we Americans, would like to believe differently, these extraordinary men and women” The Great Houses of America” were not the “Father knows Best” crowd, but a convoluted mixture of the Bundy, Simpson and Stepford crowd. These incredibly gifted people were some of the most dysfunctional and narcissistic people of their time, but we claim them as our own. They gave you,  me and the rest of the world, the foundation and institutions..that is… “ The United States of America. ”… Suffice to say, they created a system of government and a society that is by its exact nature and design dysfunctional and narcissistic. So, for better or worse, you have us to thank for all this. Inasmuch, as we created and continue to create these institutions, we also shoulder the responsibility for them. We have held and continue to hold, for over 200 years now, the foundational underpinnings of power in this country and no matter how far to the right or left that society swings at any given time in our history, we hold that foundation, we are its anchor and its bedrock. That is our lot in life.

So, when you meet one of us on this happy road of destiny,  Please give us a break. We are doing the best that we can.


May I introduce you to one of our most beloved and sweetest WASPs

nation_carry1 I do Love My Lilly Pulitzer SO!


As this blog is about Celebrating life as a Male Preppy and a WASP… and All things that relate to us. [MPW]

I promise you…my Dear Reader, that I will always try to give you my best work and if it’s not I will tell you so. I will give you my thoughts and recommendations on… Books, Music and any other items of interest. It is my hope and my desire that you will take part and E-Mail your thoughts and ideas on books, music and items that are of interest to you and of course any ideas on future posts that you would like me to write about. You will always be able to find these on the Sweet Vibrations page and on my sister site, “ The Preppy Chronicles II. ” 

My first two book recommendations:

George Being George…wonderfully edited by Nelson W. Aldrich. Which is an oral biography of George Plimpton, as told by his friends, George was and remains a truly consummate Preppy.

The Big House: A century in the life of an American summer-house. Written by George Howe Colt. This is a book that takes us back to our roots and our memories. I am overcome with an intensely real sense of well-being and the knowledge that all is well in my little corner of  WASPdom.

 My first recommendation of music.  “ Songbird ” by Eva Cassidy.

It is time to wrap up this edition and put it to bed. I will leave you with a small quote from a book called ” A Separate Peace”  by John Knowles.

” Everyone has a moment in history which belongs particularly to him. It is the moment when his emotions achieve their most powerful sway over him, and afterward when you say to this person “The world today” or Reality” he will assume that you mean this moment, even if it is fifty years past. The world, through his unleashed emotions, imprinted itself upon him, and he carries the stamp of that passing moment forever.”

So, bye for now.

Bumby Scott.               Please join me at The Preppy Chronicles II.

The Preppy Chronicles Volume 1




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A Guide to Preppy Sex: The Beginnings.


 Absent of Biblical conviction, you will go the way of culture.   


When I began this series, I thought, this should be very straightforward. How difficult can it be to write a post or two on Sex and the Preppy?  It has taken a Herculean effort to write this series of posts, it is, as if, the undertow of something deep inside me does not want them to be written. However, a strong Rip Current is pulling me deeper into the ocean of Truth.

This post is the result of letting go, letting the current take control.

Now safety on the boat, the chill in my bones  being displaced by the warmth of the cook stove. The Captain has  “ Let Go Anchor ”  and the bells have been rung. It has been an arduous  battle to understand what is Truth and what is just wishful thinking. I am spent, yet, strangely at peace with what I have learned.

I am a single white male who believes in the Bible, living in a world that is ever trying to make what I believe irrelevant. I am consistently conflicted between the desire to pro-create and the need to live a disciplined life.

In the final analysis, a disciplined life is what this is all about.

From birth to grave, it is the business of us humans to live disciplined.

Disciplined, What does that even mean? Not what you might think. Every game has a set of rules; these rules come not from the players but the creator of the game. Even when the players decide to make up and play by their own set of rules, the rules of the game change not, only the consequences.

This goes back to the beginnings of the Human race.  There are two parts to this game of life, The Spiritual and Corporal.  However, there is only one rule.  Understand I did not say set of rules, but one rule.

“ And God formed the man of dust of the earth, and breathed upon his face the breath of life, and the man became a living soul. And God planted a garden eastward in Edem, and placed there the man whom He had formed. And God made to spring up also out of the earth every tree beautiful to the eye and good for food, and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of learning the knowledge of good and evil. ”

“ And the Lord God took the man he had formed and placed him in the garden of Delight, to cultivate and keep it. And the Lord God gave a charge to Adam, saying, Of every tree which is in the garden thou mayest freely eat (or, eat for food), but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil-of  it ye shall not eat, but in whatsoever day yet eat of it, ye shall surely die. ”

Here is the one rule. Cultivate and keep, but do not eat of the tree of  learning the knowledge of good and evil.

If you do there is a consequence, You will die.

We now know that this death was Spiritual and Physical.

One may deduce from that statement, good and evil existed from the beginning. Both Good & Evil emanate from the same source, that being God. They are the opposite of each other, one does not exist without the other.

We don’t have a clear knowledge of the amount of time that passed from the creation of man to the creation of woman. In the scripture, it is stated that a day to God, is as a thousand years to us,  the operative word is as.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s put the creation of woman at the end of day six. That gives 999.9  years that Adam Cultivated and Kept the garden, including the tree of  learning the knowledge of good and evil, without eating of it. We also have no idea, how long Adam and Eve lived following the one rule.

Remember there is balance, we have the tree of the learning of good and evil, and we also have the tree of life.

The rest as they say is history; God formed woman out of man. Adam loved his woman and when he ate from the tree, life on the spiritual plane ceased. I should say, was damaged. God also kicked them both out of the garden, but not before HE shed blood to atone for his creation breaking the rule. God did what man could not, which was to temporarily restore the relationship. He would not change the rule, but what he could do is to provide a way back. If you take nothing else away from this it should be, that there are consequences for breaking the rules.

 What in the world does this have to do with being Preppy? I will pull all of this together in the next few posts, but for now, I am going to change the word from Preppy to WASP. 

I grew up knowing this story,  it was taught in Sunday School, the principle of Sin, and that God had given us a way to permanently repair that relationship, Jesus. I embraced him. The sojourners of 1630, also embraced this basic truth, However, their’s is a tale that impacts us all, even today.

The message of Jesus is a very simple one. “ God so loved the world, that He gave His only and unique  Son, that everyone who trusts in him may have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed.  For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world but rather so that through him the world might be saved. ”

I want to hone in on the word trusts, the KJV  translates it believes. In my mind, there is a fundamental difference between trusting and just believing in someone.

The predominate religious thoughts that came to the New England, could be divided into two camps: Calvinism and Arminianism. It’s important to note that all the doctrinal points in both theological positions have a biblical foundation, which is why the debate has been so divisive throughout church history.

In 1740-45 respectively,  the Great Revival took place. This revival  is important because out of it came the creation of College of New Jersey, ( Princeton University ). Once upon a time in the colonies there were three colleges Harvard, Yale and William and Mary. In 1740, along came the Great Revival. The new President of Yale being staunchly Calvinistic, decided to kick out students who attended any Revival activities. The Presbyterian Church petitioned Yale to re-admit the students to which Yale ( the Bulldog ) refused. Thus, the  stage was set in 1739. “  President Clapp, though himself a Calvinist, was elected to the presidency of Yale College in 1739, “by a board of trustees exclusively Arminian, and all his associates in office held the same tenets.”(Ibid. p. 2”. Trumbull, vol. ii. p. 335.) ”

The Great Revival of 1740, will ultimately play a major role in the shaping of this country and the tenons of the Constitution.

I will leave off here, but I want to give you one last thought.

The Perquisite for Freedom is Responsibility.

Thank you for joining me for this edition.


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New Thoughts and New Directions

New Thoughts and New Directions

   I am not quite sure where to start this post. What began as the search for one thing has resulted in an answer to another.  I will not  rehash the old posts, you may read them at your leisure.

 Anyone that has read  The Preppy Chronicles for a while understands when I say that I do not follow the pack extremely well or maybe I  follow the pack all too well.  What I have discovered over the past few months is … wait for it …

 I have lived my whole live based on someone else’s fear.

 I have past that phase of self discovery known as denial and am working through the phase of anger and the beginnings of acceptance.  Although, my parents outwardly stated  “ All they wanted for my life, was for me to be happy & to follow my dreams.”  I have felt that just below the surface there was an undertow of some fear that presented in my mind as “ I will never be as great as my ancestors.” What I have come to realize is, that fear, that unspoken fear, was not my fear but that of my parents that I will never be as powerful of a force as those that preceded me  and that somehow they would be to blame and that I would either be just exceedingly brilliant and shine like the noon day Sun or that I would be a dim bulb. In either case, it would mean that my parents would have to deal with their own perceived failings. If brilliant the focus would be “ Why did I not do such extraordinary  things, if a dim bulb, where did I go wrong ? As long as I presented in the middle, or became that powerful force all was right in the world, and they would never have to face the Four Horsemen. In the middle there would be only pity at the top wonderment and pride. 

When I look back upon my life, and view my parents in this light, it is as if I have had a “ Burning Bush  ” 

The result has been that, for most of my life, I have done only a few remarkable things.

I know that this sounds as though I am playing the “ Blame Game ” but rest assured that is not the case. I am merely stating that which is now my truth. I started this whole journey in search of one answer: Is what I was taught as a child about God’s thoughts on sex actually what He said. I have as a result of this work been rocketed into a new dimension. A dimension that if I truly take hold of, there is nothing that will prevent me from leading a life formed from the star-dust of the cosmos.

 OK, back to earth. When I chose to share all of this with you, I realized that  I needed to frame my  thoughts concerning this bit of discovery in accordance to the stated purpose of this blog: 

“ I would like to begin this edition of The Preppy Chronicles, by sharing with you my hopes and dreams and thoughts about the overall intent of this blog.
My concept for this blog is that it will be a CELEBRATION of living life as a Preppy-WASP Male in a society that is ever increasingly blurring the lines…

It’s about who we are as a society and as a tribe. Why we do the things that we do. And how we view and respond to everyday events, as well as what impact these events have on us. What our role is and how we shape the world around us. And to this end I will ask you to join with me and CELEBRATE ”  Taken from “ Preppy to The Bone ”.

I take the last portion of this very seriously,“ How we shape the world around us.”

To this end, I have dug deep into the beginnings of this great country of ours, what I discovered has been a wake-up call for me. The one statement that I have made in regards to our country’s  founding: That our national, religious belief system was anti-Catholic has garnered the most response. 

Let me put this to rest, the brave men and women who first came to the New England, were Anglican. Which is to say that their allegiance was to the King of England and The Church of England not to the Pope and The Roman Catholic Church. The pilgrims that came later were a mix of Anglican and Puritan. The Puritans were a group that believed that the Church of England, was too much like the Roman Catholic Church, with all of its man-made rituals that had little to do with Christianity, and yet they were still part of the Church of England. The brave souls that came over in 1630 with John Winthrop were a mishmash of Puritans. Most were fairly hard-core. In the years that followed, a certain amount of  colonies were set aside as Plantations of Religion. Which meant they did allow Quakers, the Dutch Amish, as well as Anglicans and Puritans. To preserve the moral fiber of the colonies Roman Catholics were not allowed. If you think that this harsh, just wait things do get harsher.

Now, to throw something else into the mix for your consideration.  When in 1776, this country declared separation from The King of England they also declared separation from the Church of England. We as a country renounced King and Country. Thus, we also renounced as a country his church. The Roman Catholic Church was not an issue in the colonies at the time. As I have stated, by 1776 the issue was one of economics not religion. It would not be until 1789 that the issue of religion would be of any concern.

The first amendment states: “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ” this is where we will stop for the purpose our discussion. One thing before I close, notice it says: Law, not laws and that singularity of the word is explicitly tied to the  establishment of religion. Later, we will look at the notion of the pursuit of happiness and how that  relates to the moral compass of this country. If you have read my series on the Power of the Pearl, you know that I will bring this all full circle.

Thank you for reading.

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Preppy 101: The Principal Thing

Welcome To This Edition of The Preppy Chronicles.

 Preppy 101: The Principal Thing.


I began this series 90 days ago, in this brief time, there is a plethora of things about myself and my ancestors that I have discovered. I am extremely amazed that my belief system in the twenty-first century, is not all that different from my ancestors, which I find, extremely comforting.

This blog is about celebrating life as a Southern Male, WASP & Preppy, in an ever increasingly changing world. It is comforting to know that some things that I grew up with are the truth, not just my version of the truth but solid, unshakable truth.

In this journey, I have discovered that there are Spiritual principles that must not be ignored. I have come to understand that it is human nature to try to justify our actions when they run contrary to what we know to be right in our heart of hearts.

 What I have come to understand is, that it is human nature, to complicate that which is simple.

This comes from a book entitled “  Around the Year with Emmet Fox ” written in 1931.

Although, he is speaking of resentments and forgiveness, the Spiritual principle is the same. When we speak about sex and love, one must make a clear distinction between what is and isn’t : Love, Lust, Greed, what is pure Human and what is of Spirit.

As you read this passage, I hope that you will do as I have done and take it to heart and realize that this principle extends to many aspects of the journey.

I will be using this as a stepping stone in our discourse about the thought processes of the Puritans of 1630.

“ If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. (  Matthew 6:14 )

Setting others free, means setting yourself free, because resentment is really a form of attachment. It is a cosmic truth that it takes two to make a prisoner; a prisoner and a jailer. There is no such thing as being a prisoner on ones own account. Moreover, the jailer is as much a prisoner as his charge. When you hold resentment against any one, you are bound to that person by a mental chain. You are tied by a cosmic tie to the one thing that you hate. The one person perhaps in the whole world whom, you most dislike is the very one to whom, you are attaching yourself by a hook that is stronger than steel. Is this what you wish? Is this the condition in which you desire to go on living? Remember, you belong to the thing with which you are linked in thought, at sometime or other, if that tie endures, the object of your resentment will be drawn again into your life, perhaps to work further havoc. No one can afford such a thing; and so you must cut all such ties by a clear act of forgiveness. You must loose him and let him go. By forgiveness, you set yourself free; you save your soul. And because the law of love works alike for one and all, you help to save his soul too. ”

It is a Spiritual truth, that when we engage in the physical act of sex that there is a Spiritual exchange that also occurs. As we explore this a bit further, it is this Spiritual truth that I now believe is the tap-root, that those, so many years ago, were trying to teach me as a 6-year-old. However, they missed the point. It is not only about sex, it is about our consent interaction with one  another. That the things that we do, have a Spiritual consequence. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is not to say that I preach salvation by works, but the idea, that Salvation is a gift from GOD. That it is only through the belief and confession that Jesus Christ is the only son of GOD, and the only way to GOD, that human beings can be in right relationship with GOD.

This distinction is VERY important, as this was the point of contention, which led John Winthrop and his band of Elect to the New World.

Before this is all said and done, you will have a better understanding of not only what brought the Puritans of 1630 to this New World, but why we as a nation constantly strive to go back to those ideas and beliefs. Why this belief system is in the DNA of this country and when other cultures come to this country and bring their belief systems, they do not mesh and cause confusion and chaos.  Why we are a Christian Nation and not a Catholic or Muslim one.

I will leave you with this, as a WASP or a Preppy, we don’t often talk intimately about our deep beliefs. In this current culture, we are almost afraid to speak our truth, for fear of …. You fill in the blank that applies to you. I will also contend that it is this fear that has led this country to the brink that we are at today. We are a fear driven society. The Bible states, That GOD has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, peace and a sound mind. This also means that we can NOT accept any lifestyle that runs contrary to the Bible.

I did warn you that this topic will piss some of you off, recall I also asked that if it did, then, please take a long deep look at yourself and ask why does it upset you so.

Always, Bumby

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Here Comes the Sunshine.

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. Albert Einstein.

You may ask,  What does the last few posts have to do with the sex lives of the Puritans,  or how does a discussion about the Septuagint or the Reformation have any bearing upon my life? Why does any of this matter? Why should it matter to me? What possible good can come from having a discourse on Sex, Politics, and Religion. Does this have a substantive bearing upon my life in the 21st century?

We are Americans, are we not to pursue Happiness, Liberty and Life its self? Is not my Happiness paramount to Liberty, is not my Happiness what Life is all about?

These are some of the questions that I have asked myself  in the past few weeks. Trust me when I tell you, that this business of  tearing apart all that you believe in search of the truth, is a gruesome task and is not for the weak of heart or character. It is extremely easy to find yourself in quicksand before you know it. Once you are in it there are no easy ways out. I am glad to say that I have a few folks on the other side of the quicksand that have left a rope tied to a tree, my task then is to reach it & grab hold before I sink too far. This is not only a metaphor for my experience, but also for this great nation.

There must be a balance to my life. A balance in thought and action a balance between my feelings and nothing. I wonder if  nothing is a feeling. On some level, it must be or is it a tap-root that causes feelings? I digress.  For me and my journey, I have no choice in this matter, the one thing that I have learned  is: To survive, I must surrender to the process. It is death to my soul for me to be anyone other than who I am The same holds true for this nation. We are not Europeans, we are not Asians we are not Mexicans or Canadians.

WE ARE AMERICANS. It is about time that we remember this and start to act and live like it. So what does that mean?

That means that  235 years ago, a group of men sat down and wrote a set of ideas and principles for a new form of governance.  To understand this powerful document one must first understand what they collectively held to be truth.  What did they believe about religion, sex & politics? The most important question for me is, do I buy into what they believed and where did their belief system originate.

Does the belief system that the signers held to be solid, unshakable truth apply to my life and the life of this nation today?  Make no mistake, the religious beliefs of the signers are deeply embedded into the documents that created this country. So, where did it all start ?

This question brings me to the understanding that I need to look at this in great detail, for their belief system was predicated on the individual and that individuals relationship to God. It is this vital relationship that determines the moral compass of the individual. Our relationship to God, determines are morals. Our morals, or values that we hold as individuals, determine the morals or values that we hold as a nation.

What does this mean for me and what does this mean for you as my readers. ( I want to say Thank You, for sticking with me. ) For my part, I must dig deep into the research of their belief system and try to extract the core and present it to you in such a way as not to be boring.  If you have read down this far, without the aid of glitzy photos, (pat yourself on the back) then you are the ones that will benefit the most from my search.

Thank you for inviting me into your busy life.

Please do not forget to visit my sister site, The Preppy Chronicles II and my newest site, The Preppy Journal due out in the coming months.

Thank you.

Always, Bumby


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The Power of the Pearl IV

The Power of The Pearl IV.

I would like to welcome you back to of The Power of The Pearl. The Preppy Chronicles/ The Power of The Pearl V

My Name is Bumby and this is The Preppy Chronicles.

This is the final chapter of what I thought was going to be a short, sweet and simple little post about WASPs, and their counterparts; the Preppies and about their confusing love affaire with the pearl. If you are new or need a refresher please follow the links back and then come back to read this.

The Power of the Pearl I

The Power of the Pearl II

The Power of the Pearl III

The Power of the Pearl III Second Half

I reprint this little poem to serve as an object lesson about the vast differences in the mind-set of a Northerner and a Southerner.

The Flag My Grandpa Knew

by Ronnie Hatfield:

I remember how, each morning, he’d rise before us all,
and I’d hear his muffled footsteps, as he padded down the hall.
The many years he’d labored, had left his body bend and gray,
but Grandpa had a reason, for getting up each day.
A well-worn box sat on a shelf, beside his rocking chair,
I don’t know where it came from, seems it always had been there.
Inside the box, a tattered cloth, of crimson, blue, and white,
and he’d gaze at it each morning, with tears that dimmed his sight.
On special days, he raised it still, on the pole outside our door,
and he’d tell us kids, in reverent tones what that tattered cloth stood for.
“The red reminds me of the Wheatfield, where Pickett’s men were slain,
when seven thousand good men fell, amidst the bloodied grain.”
“The blue, I guess, brings back to mind, the loneliness and cold,
of a Shenandoah winter, a thousand miles from home.”
“And the pure white stars, well they’re generals, for Jackson, Stuart, and Bee,
and that big one in the middle there, is for Robert Edward Lee!”
“Each bullet hole is a battle won, each tear is a comrade lost,
each stain is for a wounded friend, who paid the final cost.”
Ol’Grandpa must have loved that flag, he stayed near it every day,
and so Grandpa took it with him, when he finally passed away.
And if there’s a flagpole up in heaven, there’s no tear in Grandpa’s eye,
cause I know he’s back in uniform, and his beloved flag flies high!

copyright 1994, Stonewall Productions, and Ronnie Hatfield

Understanding this distinctive mind-set is in my opinion, essential to the overall understanding of Southerners and for the purpose of this treaties,  Southern WASPs and Preppies. Although, all WASPs have the same basic DNA, as it were, there are vast and important characteristic distinctions between the Eastern WASP and the Southern. Just as there are two very distinctive types of pearls, one formed in harsh cold waters, the other in warm. Following this line of thinking,  a cold water pearl is much more dense in its construct, the reflective layers are closer together not allowing the light to reflect as much as the warm water pearl.Thus, the Eastern WASP, is less flashy and showy than their southern counterparts.

Up till now, we have discussed a bit of the historical reasons about why WASPs and Preppies choose the pearl above all other gems. We have briefly touched upon the Physiological psychology aspects of the WASP and Preppy mind-set, Now we get to the very heart of the matter the emotional connections.

There is one human trait that trumps all others, that is: We all want to feel good about ourselves. All one needs to do to prove this is look inside. I will not presume to tell you why, you like or wear pearls, I only give my observations and I leave it up to you to decide if there be any truth in them.

It is universal that we tend to wear clothing and jewelry that we like and that we feel comfortable wearing and in our mind makes us feel more attractive.

No matter the audience that you think that you are dressing for, ultimately you will dress only for an audience of one… you. The very first step in this process is to feel comfortable with who you are. The stark reality is that until this takes place, it makes no difference what you wear you will never be able to command your audience. It is oft said that it is the clothes that make a man or woman. I totally disagree, I believe, that it is the man or women that makes the clothes. Physical beauty is just that, nothing more or nothing less. The man or woman who is comfortable with who they are, can wear a potato sack and still capture the complete attention of all in a room or on the street.  However, it does not hurt if you are a looker.

We who are  WASPs, are given instruction and told who we are, where or should, I say from whom we sprang and our place in society. This process begins long before we were ever born. Preppies have a more difficult time of it not being taught or told who they are. Preppies can only  reflect the image of the WASP.

Now, there is no doubt, that what we chose to wear affects our moods. This one fact is the driving force of all fashion. Thus the saying : That it is the clothes that make a man or woman.

What we wear determines first impressions. Our tribal culture sets the standards of what dress is acceptable for first impressions as well as ongoing ones.

Although there are many variations on a theme, there are really only two main types of WASPs and Preppys. The Eastern and The Southern. I have not forgotten the ones that live in the West or Midwest, you would be considered to be part of the variation on a theme.

Now every tribe has their stories based upon their collective history. Nowhere is this more reflected than in the Southern  & Eastern WASP. Portraits and photos of our long ago dead ancestors line our walls. The only real difference  between the two are our reference points when we speak of   ” The War ” , which we do often and with great passion.

One reflects upon the war of 1775-76, the other reflects upon the war of 1865. From those stories, come our First impression traditions.

For the man the pearl symbolizes  power and ownership. For the woman it symbolizes love and perfection. Simply, the pearl can be worn with anything or with nothing.

In the south, pearls can be and are often worn when you work, when you play and at any time of the day. In the east there is a tradition, that pearls should only be worn at certain times and with certain garments, the clothes and the occasion will define the type and style of pearls to be worn.

Now, to the subject of sex. Speaking  as a man, because  the pearl symbolizes power and ownership, when a woman who is in the habit of always wearing them divests herself of them in his presence, we men understand that she is laying down her power and ownership out of love. It is very difficult to have an intimate conversation when one or both parties insists upon maintaining a position of power and ownership.

So to wrap this all up, throughout history both men and women have worn pearls. Pearls have always symbolized power, ownership, position , love and devotion.

Whatever your reasons for wearing pearls, as a modern women, you wear them because you like them and they are natures greatest accessory. My question to you is simple, What is the story of your pearls, is there any deeper meaning. Who or what do you associate with them, and how has the story affected your life ?

It has been my pleasure to bring you my thoughts and musings on this subject. Thank you for reading.

Always, Bumby

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    The Day The Wheels Came Flying Off

    The Day The Wheels Came Flying Off.

    I remember like it was yesterday. Oh yeah, it was yesterday.

    Lest I forget my manners, Welcome to this edition of The Preppy Chronicles. I was not sure if I would be able to bring you this new post or if I would still be sifting through the ashes that once was The Chronicles.

    Most of you know that I am not very adept with computer technology, I look at it with the same expression as our little fella in the photo. So when I say with all confidence, that in this medium I have a clue about what I am doing, be amused and let me live in my delusion.

    The long and short of the matter is this: I have in my mind to expand, the timing is right, it feels natural and the pieces are coming together. So as any self-respecting WASP would think, I thought, just add another domain to my existing hosting account,  How difficult can that be? So, with the confidence that comes in my delusional state, I proceeded to buy a new domain and add it to the account. I did have enough on the ball to e-mail my host and ask how to carry out this simple task. This I did with relative ease,

    I even asked the Head Geek  to look it over and make sure that I had done it right. Rich, assured me that all looked well.

    Now you can imagine what this bit of praise did for my delusion.



    What transpired in the next few hours can only be described  as a blood bath of carnage and self-will run riot.

    I think this photo shows what transpired. I thought that I was in control of the ship and this adventure, this most excellent of Quests.


           “ Call me Ishmael. Some years ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off — then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me

    Tied up and twisted; gnarled and knotted with wrinkles; haggardly firm and unyielding; his eyes glowing like coals, that still glow in the ashes of ruin; untottering Ahab stood forth in the clearness of the morn; lifting his splintered helmet of a brow to the fair girl’s forehead of heaven.”

    ( Moby-Dick, Herman Melville )

    I will admit that it might be a stretch to compare my struggle with Ahab’s, the point that I am making is that the obsession was the same, Cannot let the beast win. Deep into this struggle and well into the illusion of control, I found myself doing things out of sheer desperation. You see the more I fought the beast the more it resisted my demands, the more it resisted, the more fixed in my resolve I became. After five intensely  grueling hours, I struck the death-blow. I deleted all of my files, there was so much satisfaction in watching folder after folder scroll into nothingness.     

                                                                                              I HAD WON!

    As I sat there brain numb and fingers sore, realization of what I had just done washed over me. PANIC set in, MY GOD MAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. With all the speed that I could muster I set to the task of surveying  my wreckage.

    I could not bear to look at it directly, I e-mailed Rich in Oslo, then took solace with a group of friends. In  short order, a new perspective was to emerge, for you see, a  friend’s entire life hung in the balance and he was barely keeping it together & This, This, was only a web site not life and death.

    Rich, was able to pull me back, from the edge of destruction and fix the problem, it was something to do with codes and permissions.

    So, as you see I am back to this state of being. Thank you all for sticking with me through this.

    Please feel free to join me at my sister site The Preppy Chronicles II

    All rights reserved. The Preppy Chronicles Edition II Volume IIII



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