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The Preppy Chronicles Moves Forward Into The Twenty-First Century.

Alas, I am at an end of all of my toil, my research on preppy sex is done. I have been over a year digging through document after document. I have now compiled all the posts that I feel are research and turned them into pages. Which you may read at your pleasure. I need to take a break from this line of inquiry. The reason is a simple one, I need to write and this subject of sex is in the way. That is not to say that I will stay away from the subject, just that I need to write about other things. This blog is about living life as a Preppy  in the Twenty-First Century. It is time to get to it.

In the next few months I will be introducing you to a new cast of characters. I am a creative writer and as such it is time that I create. The characters have already begun to form. The process is a simple one, yet if I am to maintain  the premiss of this blog I will need to weave the story in such a way that it is relevant to the Twenty – First Century.

At this moment in time, I am thinking that I might start with a short and see where the characters led me.

  This much I can share our leading man’s name is:

 Theobold Buckley Culvert III. ( Tripp )

Theobold Buckley Culvert III.

 John E. Sheridan, artist,
copyright 1901.

  Age 27,  Rugged build, smooth lines, Country Club eyes.

  5’7″,  Medium Chestnut Brown hair,  Smokey Eyes.  A Ladies man.

Well endowed, Medium WASP lips.

Sailor, Great dancer & Princeton Man.

Time 1919.

The issues facing America in 1919, are strikingly similar to the issues that we face in 2013.

Let the fun begin. Thank you for coming along on this journey. Any and all ideas are welcome.

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The Preppy and Technology.


That Which Is Fundamental is by its very definition, all that we hold true is it not ?

Our ability to generate the force of change, comes with it the responsibility of being the change that we seek. Change will always chose its own path; Therefore, one is wise to remember that he is not in control of the end result.

This fundamental truth is the sum of  my Princeton University education. I truly wish that I had understood it then . Two decades later it would begin to not only make sense, but become the over-riding force in my life and those around me.

As a WASP, I am responsible to try to guide change, Not by being the change but by being the stabilizing force. That is what being a WASP  is about for me and my family. Now you might ask, Bumby, What does this have to do with your last post? There is no doubt in anyones mind that the world is in the process of change, very rapid change.

In my last post, I refered to the evil that was Wang, all joking aside, the changes that started with the Wang have taken on a life of their own. It took me several years to ” Jump ” into the computer age and then only with caution. I wanted to see as best I could what direction that change was moving. I am fully convinced that this direction is best embodied by what is the Mac.

Why… just in the last month; that I have had my eMac, my life has been greatly effected by the change. This is the first post that I have not pre-written. This is straight from the heart no middle man. To aid in this process, I downloaded the sounds of a typewriter, every time I strike a key it sounds as if I am typing on a “ROYAL “,  just like the one featured in a  past post.

The Preppy in me yearns to explore all  the prospects of this new technology.  The WASP  is just horrified. I am  admittedly  conflicted and yes somewhat embarrassed by the amount of time that I am spending on “Sofia”. I have named my computer ” Sofia” and have started talking  in the third person about myself. When she announces the time on the half, I find myself answering back… “Thank you Sofia”

I am finding this behavior  somewhat unnerving and at the same time very comforting on some level. This Preppy/WASP is beginning to warm up to the idea that to survive in this new world I must accept some technology . Who am I kidding, I feel like I am in the Five&Dime with five dollars burning a hole in my britches.

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The Preppy 12 Step

The Preppy 12 Step

The Preppy 12 Step….I do believe that I hear the strain of a country song or at the very least a new dance step.

This post is about unintended consequences.  If I am to know what I expect from my family, friends, co-workers, my elected officials, and society, first I must know what I believe and what I expect of myself. (As I wrote that, I felt that I needed to give us all a red bouncing ball to follow.)  Now I can only speak from my experience in this matter; as a WWASP then as I Preppy. OK ready for the Red bouncing ball ?

Many are the passions of the Preppy, But are they the same as the passions of the WASP ? I think  not. Sure, on some levels they are deceptively similar, my experience has been that;  they are very different at the core. (I have my waders on and I am about to step in it.)

A WASP, is only concerned about the true substance of a thing, a Preppy about the fluff.  I say this because,  All WASPs are Preppy at heart, but not all Preppies are WASPs. Yet, there are those that are Preppies but not WASPs. They do share the same value systems and have gone through the same rights of passage as us (or is it we) WASPs. Now if you’re experiencing a bit of confusion… you’re not alone.

For those of us in the WWASP (Wealthy WASP) category, we even differ, again, from our WASP cousins; in the respect that we have an extra burden of wealth.

I am still exploring Personal Responsibility and the theme of The Message vs The Medium.  It is very easy for me to look at the world outside of myself and declare with voracity that it is  you that are screwed up.  No one that I know, including myself,  likes to take a good long hard look at themselves, their actions and choices that they ( I) have made and their unintended consequences. The single most important and influential choice in my life was not made by me, but for me, when my Founding Family Member established the Family Trust. This Patriarch,thought it best to let every other generation receive and the ones in between work, in the attempt to stave off the most common problem associated with unearned wealth, namely a sense of entitlement. It is my experience, that those of us that do receive, have an ever consuming sense of entitlement. Now, with this sense of entitlement, comes  an unintended consequence an overpowering feeling of total uselessness.

Having traveled around the world and seeing  the accomplishments of those that have gone before me, I realized that I will never measure up. and for many years I just languished in a mental state of hopelessness, self-pity and uselessness with no sense of direction. The saddest thing, is that I watch most of us (WWASPs) follow the same path.  On the outside,we are the life of the party, on the inside we are just lost. We go through the motions  all the while in self-delusion that we are happy. Some are truly happy, because they have a solid grounding  a sense of who they are and where they belong in this world, most of us do not . For me it took great hardship and time to start me on my journey.

In the next edition of The Preppy Chronicles, I will share a little more of my journey and what I believe, have been some of the most profound changes in my life.

As I have stated, from time to time, I will recommend some music, books, movies… Today I would like to recommend a CD…Alison Krauss & Union Stations ‘ So Long So Wrong. Enjoy.

So, until next time I will leave you with…

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

And What I assume You shall assume,

            For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Song of Myself…..Whalt Whitman.

Always Bumby

The Preppy Chronicles Edition I vol. 5


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It’s a Matter of Conscience and Honesty

Hello Bumby Here.What do I believe ?

A Troglodyte… Yes, I said a Troglodyte. That was the name given to me the other day after I answered a question, and the person asking, did not like the answer given. I try to be as honest as I can and speak from my heart. I will tell you from the outset, I will be spreading my thoughts out over a few different posts. The reason is simple, I want you to think.

I have wrestled with writing this series of posts,  because I know that I will offend some people and become a Troglodyte in their eyes, while others  will sing my praise.

What do you believe? Not what are you expected to believe and think but truly what …Do you believe and think about Personal Responsibility ?

I thought I knew the answer, but after deconstructing my thoughts and belief system, I came away from the experience very surprised, some beliefs held up some did not.

This is not a post that I want you to walk away from and forget. I want it to follow you, until you take a serious look at yourself. My reasons are simple. We are entering a time in this country that we must be crystal clear as WASPs, Preppies, as Americans… What do I believe?

I grew up in a time and place,  a family and a tribe, that stressed the notion of Personal Responsibility. Now I said stressed, I did not say practiced. For me the practice came in my thirties, it came silently and quickly… Well, that’s a lie, looking back it was as thunderous as a steam locomotive traveling down a  downtown street at 3 am.

In eight short years after receiving the first installment of my trust, I had partied it away. I would go on to lose all the houses, cars, boats, ponies, friends and lovers that I had.

Two years later my Dad would die, leaving me the responsibility of the family, but with no money.

The family trust is so structured that every other generation receives. I now have a limited say in how the trust makes and spends its money, but at this time I do not receive. I have shared this because when I speak of Personal Responsibility, it is from this place of humility that I share.

For me, Personal Responsibility is a moral… a core belief system issue, which then extends into an act of moral conscience. Early in my childhood, I was taught that as a wealthy man there was a code that you live by. This code can be found in the book of Proverbs chapters 22 and 23

What I have learned in the past 16 years is this… You and only you are responsible for your life choices.

The good ones and the bad ones. When those choices turn out for the good you rejoice, but do not boast, and when your choices  turn out to be  crap you don’t complain, you learn from them and pick up a shovel and go about the task of cleaning up the mess you have made.

You might ask …OK, where are you going  with this train of thought ? Glad you asked, because it is at this time that I am going to ask you to begin that task of thinking…  About the choices that you have made in your life. What do you really think about Personal Responsibility?  We will cover many areas in the next few posts. This blog is about Celebrating live as a Preppy, WASP Male in a society that is ever  increasingly blurring  the lines . I will not allow this blog to become a place of hate or malicious speech But I will say that if the shoe fits wear it.

And we will pick this up in my next post and you will at that time learn why someone called me a Troglodyte and if I deserve that name.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it, The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear…… Nelson Mandela

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Let me begin by expressing a very heartfelt Happy New Years.

Now shall we jump right in?

Did I chose this blog or did it chose me?

That’s the age-old question now isn’t?

Books have been written and university courses have been given on this very subject all in the attempt to answer this .. Is it the message or the medium?

What draws us the most. Why could I have not chosen to write about Preppy and WASP Clothing, Politics, Religion, Stuff that we collect? Anything but our Thoughts, Ideas, Feelings, Emotions, Reactions and Relationships that we all have as humans, but because of being a High WASP and our inbreed aversion to telling ourselves, let alone the entire world how we think, feel, emote.. how we as WASPS and Preppies relate to the world and each other .

So my friends beware, you are going to get some real random thoughts as I explore some of these. Here is one..

Why does a silver spoon taste and ultimately feel better in my mouth than a plastic one?.. or.. What causes me to choose a  J. Press shirt over a  J. C. Penney one?

Is it just mere personal taste, is it breeding, or does this speak more about my core belief system. In this ever-changing world why do I insist upon clinging to my WASP and Preppy Past? Why do I have a feeling of pride about some of the most horrid parts of my families past. The overwhelming question that I have at this moment is: Why do I feel so good about myself, my life and who I am and this wonderful tribe of WASPs and Preppies that I have been born into?

Now, I know that some of you are thinking;  WOW this guy is sure full of himself. OK  maybe I am… but you can’t honestly tell me that you have never asked yourself these same questions .

Most of us think it but rarely does any one say it out loud. I am shocked that I am saying such things. No truly I am.

I do believe that we all must on some level, reconcile the past, our present and our future.  Why do I pull so much from my past to secure my future? Why is it important?

Looking at us (WASPs & Preppies) as a whole, we have done a very good job of alienating the rest of the population. It is one thing to tend the anchor, and quite another to keep the blinders on. There is an old saying :


We have marginalized ourselves so much, that we have allowed the middle class to take over in many areas such as Wall Street, and in doing so have put in charge men and women who have no experience with extreme wealth, they lack basic character. The current state of the American economy rests squarely on our shoulders . We WASPs and Preppies  have fallen asleep at the wheel… Wow that stings, it stings to read it, it stings to write it, and it stings most of all because it is the truth. So I resolve, that this year, I for one will awaken and start to regain my rightful position and find my voice as a WASP and a Preppy. I would call you to do the same.

Now, what does this have to do with the questions I posed at the beginning?  I do believe that for me, it is both the message and the medium. As far as I know, I was not consulted about what family or tribe that I was to be born into, so by accident of birth or an act of God I was born into my family and this tribe of WASPs and Preppys. The silver spoon tells me that I have certain responsibilities, to my family and to the tribe and ultimately to this wonderful nation that I live in. The silver spoon tells me of the privileges and rights that I as a member enjoy… if I act responsibly. I am only a steward.  And truth be told, I also just like how the spoon looks next to my Cobalt Blue china.

In my travels around the globe, I have graciously been afforded the kindness, the generosity and the open arms of friends and strangers alike, and for this I am grateful. I have had the pleasure of eating and sleeping in some

My First ..And It's from Princeton

of the most exquisite places on earth and I have also eaten and slept in some of the most harshest places on earth. So in the overall balance of things; if a silver spoon or a plastic one or none at all it is of no great consequence.  I must defer to Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson …


The Importance of Friends:

It makes no difference in looking back five years, how you have dieted or dressed; whether you have been lodged in the first floor or the attic; whether you have had gardens and baths, good cattle and horses, have been carried in a neat equipage, or in a ridiculous truck! These things are forgotten so quickly, and leave no effect. But it counts much whether we have good companions in that time.

Bye for now, My new companions on this journey

Always yours Bumby Scott.

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