About Bumby:

Hello, my name is Bumby.

My friends call me by my given boyhood nickname Bumby Scott.

I am Princeton-educated,  Southern WASP and a Preppy.

I come in at five foot two inches, Blonde-haired and blue-eyed. I wear tortoise-shell glasses. I have had many women say that I look a bit like Mickey Rooney , a young Mickey Rooney  I hope.

My “ Family ” is considered “ Old Money  ”. I bring this to the foreground because, as I write and you read the Chronicles, you might have a better understanding of my thought processes. We arrived in this country in 1635, and I have given a sworn oath to my family that I will never reveal the names of Family members as I write about them, they have in turn agreed to continue to talk to me.

I find that it is the uncomplicated things that I enjoy the most…Reading, writing, sailing, good food, my cat “ Bootsy ” riding my cruiser “ Rosebud ”, Smoking my pipe.

As you read  The Preppy Chronicles  and we share our thoughts on life, it’s my hope to be counted amongst your friends and you will call me Bumby.


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