The Preppy Chronicles Presents the first in a series ( Fifi )

24 Apr

The pungent aroma of sweat and sex surrounds me as I step from the train. It is Paris and the year is 1919. The last time I was in this dirty little town I was a mere 17. A recent graduate of Old Nassau, the world was mine for the taking, and take it I did.

I am to stay in the country with my Aunt  Annorra, a scraggly little thing, with the fortitude of  a legion. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Rolls and it’s driver Jean-Pierre. A handsome fellow with broad shoulders, there have been rumors of a tryst between this fellow and Kiki.  As Jean-Pierre makes his way to me , I am pleasantly assaulted by a rambunctious little girl, Fifi, who I will find out later is the house whore. For now, I am only to sample the lushness of her lips and the perkiness of her breasts as they crush against me.

Thus begins the long journey to Menetou-Salon, where Aunt Annorra reins. To put a finer point to it, Aunt Annorra is somehow related to the Duke of Arenberg, she is as I will quickly learn, the relative that came for a brief visit and has taken up residence.

Theobold Buckley Culvert III. ( Tripp )


Theobold Buckley Culvert III. ( Tripp )



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